Which Type of File Formats Are Supported By Plagiarism Software?

Our google plagiarism checker is an all-inclusive tool and is compatible with an array of file formats. You can merely upload all type of textual files. Thus .doc, .txt, .docx, .rtf, PDF, html and a number of others file formats can simply be uploaded for scanning purpose. If the document is fixed to allow only file formats that plagiarism software can check for uniqueness, Plagiarism checker will only accept documents that can create originality reports. That includes: Open Office Text, MS Word, Post Script, Word Perfect, Hangul Word Processor file, HTML, plain text, rich text format, Adobe PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel as well as Google Docs via Google Drive™.

If you are utilizing an unsupported word processor, you might have to save your simple text file as .rtf or .txt with an aim to upload to plagiarism software. In case you are submitting your content with Google Drive, third party cookies need to be allowed in browser you are using, if not, any efforts to sign into Google account to upload from Google Drive will be unsuccessful. Bear in mind that functionality of Google Drive is not supported by IE8. There isn’t any need to upload Google Doc files directly to plagiarism checker software; a google doc file does not save the document, however, includes an online reference to it, in Google Docs.

Plagiarism software will not accept some file formats for generating plagiarism reports like: Microsoft Works, Password protected files, Microsoft Word macros-enabled .doc files; files generated using Open Office, as they are not completely Microsoft Word equivalent, Open Office Text files directly downloaded from online Google Docs, Apple Pages, Text with visual effects and Spreadsheets generated outside of MS Excel.

When transforming a document to a new format, individuals must rename their document with a name other than that of genuine document. It is recommended to prevent everlasting loss of the genuine formatting or image content of a document owing to it being overwritten.