Do Plagiarism Software Check For Grammar Also?

At the moment, our services are primarily focused on high quality scanning of the text for only plagiarism. Our best free plagiarism checker helps you to compose and submit original assignments, articles and research papers. Our plagiarism software searches and compares documents for plagiarism against a database of more than 60 billion archived and current web pages, 600 million academic papers and 155 million scholarly and periodical publications.

The “Similarity Score” provided by Plagiarism Checker indicates how much of your document matches content in our plagiarism software database. There is no hard line between a bad or good score. This score is utilized as a guide instead of a judge of the research paper. For instance, a 1000 words poem could have a Score of 1% but could include the popular saying "to be or not to be, that is the query". Apparently, the poem would include plagiarism but would provide a lower Similarity Score.

Plagiarism software results are accessible in under a minute. Sometimes, the results can take a bit longer depends on the length of document, generally between five to ten minutes. When you submit a document to plagiarism checker you will see results at the bottom of document submitted. When results are ready, you will see "view results" status at the bottom with the title of your page. When you click on results link with plagiarized sources of the document will open and it takes only less than half a minute to load on to the document. The highlighted text shows content that match up with the content in the Plagiarism Software database. The text shows grammar feedback marks from Plagiarism Software grammar checking tool. Through checking exclude bibliography and quotes, will only display duplicated/plagiarized text that is not block-indented or enclosed thru quotation marks. Be it convenient online checking as well as bulk work, you can check an outsized amount of pages or words in only one go.