Is Plagiarism Software Free Of Cost?

Certainly! Users find for simple text maximum 5,000 characters remains free of cost. However, any lengthier text needs some credits for Plagiarism Checker use be acquired. Our plagiarism software will also need the procurement of pre-paid credits. Similarly, the notifications now need the procurement of pre-paid credits. All procurements can now be conducted by means of PayPal.

Our plagiarism checker software compares your submitted content to around 10 billion documents over the Internet and in print. As we do not check against preceding submissions, submitting your content to our service will not cause it to get inaccurately flagged as copied if someone checks it here later. You can visit our website for further information on our plagiarism checker practice and how to analyze the originality score.

Whereas other sites may charge some fee to check for copied stuff, it is always been a chunk of our mission to provide services that are available to everyone, irrespective of income. For individuals that demand for higher level of accuracy and speed, we do provide premium service that allows for lengthier submissions as well. However, 99.9% of our users check content with our free online plagiarism checker.

A number of Free Plagiarism Checker for Students end up costing more than they actually believe when they discover that their assignments and essays have been reaped and resold to others who take credit of their work. We are entirely committed to our client’s privacy and will not reallocate, resell or share academic papers submitted to the service.

Our best free plagiarism checker utilize pattern recognition in order to match the contents of assignments and essays submitted against a huge repository for digital content. This approach is different than the content searches of leading search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google and creates some false positives than search technology meant for other purposes.