Can Plagiarism Software notify me if someone plagiarized my content?

The answer is absolutely NO! Our plagiarism software only returns links to documents comprising off text blocks that match up with what you have presented to Plagiarism Software. Such outcomes could indicate copied, unauthorized usage of your content but we cannot be the evaluator of that. Free online Plagiarism Checker cannot determine the legitimacy or authority of the documents that it reclaims. We strongly recommend that you search for legal counsel for the course of proper remedial action if you rely on that somebody or a company is utilizing, without appropriate authorization, content that you created.

While performing Search, our plagiarism software applies word and grammar usage guidelines to break the paragraphs of a document paragraphs up into blocks of text which are afterward searched around the web. Therefore, a precise paragraph-by-paragraph text analysis is carried out. The search results are afterward compiled to control potential re-usage of the overall document or chunks of it.

Plagiarism checker displays the analysis output paragraph-by-paragraph. In left margin of the screen, we see the genuine text broken down into paragraph. In the meantime, the right side of the browser displays the reclaimed documents and website pages correspond to every single paragraph of the genuine document. By clicking over any chunk of a retrieved text or web link, the corresponding genuine text will be highlighted.

Please apprehend that our approach of operation is not that of the leading search engines, who have the competency to immediately match search terms to the files of documents saved in their databases. To make sure a comprehensive, noise-free search, we should examine the complete amount of content that you present, which millions of characters can long not the typical one to 5 search terms submitted into search engines. At present, it only holds text lengthier enough to carry out search. Afterwards, the content is rejected by our system. Our Best Plagiarism Checker makes use of an exclusive approach that logically breaks up the entered text into small sized snippets. These snippets are synchronized against web content under a proficient manner, with the matched scores to analyze what documents match the entered text. The output is a clear-cut view of possible matching content – a view that is less noisy than the output provided by the leading search engines.